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Palace Pal v6.0

Shows possible trap & hoard coffer locations in Palace of the Dead & Heaven on High.

The default configuration requires Splatoon to be installed. If you do not wish to install Splatoon, you can switch to the experimental 'Simple' renderer in the configuration.

Slice is Right v8.0

Shows where Bamboo falls.

Deliveroo v5.1

Better Grand Company Deliveries

Workshoppa v6.1

Better Company Workshop Turn-In

Discard Helper v6.1

Small plugin to help keep your inventory organized (especially when automating retainers or submersibles) by discarding items you don't want (e.g. Stuffed Alphas)

ARC v5.0

Better AutoRetainer Venture Planner

Squadronista v4.0

Simplified Squadron Calculator, heavily inspired by

Questionable v1.4

A tiny quest helper plugin.

Fish Notify v7.0

Plays a sound when a fish is caught, depending on tug-strength

RetainerTrack v4.1

Keeps track of who a retainer belongs to - if you have seen the retainer's owner locally (if you were on the same party, or if you have seen an item crafted by them).

Tracking is unavailable if the crafter isn't the retainer owner (to avoid resellers being attributed incorrectly), and if the tooltip says 'Obtaining Signature'.

KitchenSink v1.0

A plugin for things that aren't worth their own plugins; see commands for details.

Gearsetter v1.1

Find gear upgrades

NewGamePlusAnywhere v3.0

No longer requires you to stand in a "safe" spot to toggle New Game+

Influx v1.0

Sync game stats to InfluxDB